Lawmakers must look into defective NAIAX RFID and rude staff 

RECENTLY, I passed through the NAIA Expressway or NAIAX for coverage.

To my dismay, the Radio Frequency Identification or RFID lane, which was supposedly created to offer convenience and faster travel for motorists in exchange for the money they paid, especially for those who are always in a hurry, gave an experience to the contrary.

Not only would the barrier fail to raise because the RFID reader and system failed to work. The booth personnel at the NAIA Expressway o NAIAX would make the situation even worse by being arrogant and rude.           

On that fateful Friday, I was ‘victimized’ twice. First was when I was on my way to the NAIA terminal for coverage and again at around 2:30 p.m., when I was rushing to Manila for an appointment.

On both occasions, I could have used the other route where I would not have to pay any toll but chose the NAIAX, thinking it would spare me from any delay.

When I used the ETC lane thinking it would save me time, the same thing happened.

The barrier did not go up, I had to stop, get my RFID card and honk my horn so that someone would attend to me since the booth at the non-working barrier was empty.

A lady staff got out from another booth, sparingly walked toward the booth assigned to the non-working barrier, took my card and entered the details manually.

As if the inconveniences I cited were not enough, two lady staff, instead of apologizing for their company’s shortcomings and even for their own – did not even pretend to be in a hurry to attend to me – sure knew how to make matters worse for the already aggrieved customers of RFID’s Autosweep or Easytrip.

When asked to bring up with their bosses the need to fix the problem which causes great inconvenience to motorists, both lady staff, on separate occasions, rudely answered back, instead of apologizing for the failure in their system or at least pretending to assure that the issue will be raised to the higher-ups.

Both of them gave unacceptable replies. They ‘reasoned’ out that not all lanes are defective and that the only one out of order was the lane I chose. As if it was my fault and it is I who needs to apologize for having chosen the wrong lane!!!

They probably think that motorists are soothsayers who can predict which lane had working barriers or RFID systems. What a bunch of nincompoops!

Note that I have a “Press’ sticker on my vehicle and yet, they managed to be that disrespectful and arrogant. I cannot imagine how they would treat ordinary complaining motorists who experience the same ordeal.

Motorists spend extra to secure RFID supposedly for the reason that they want a smooth and convenient trip free from the stress brought on by traffic or any form of delays.

With the NAIAX’s system –or, again, lack of it– all these purported reasons for RFID’s being are defeated. Getting an RFID card and using it is pointless if one has to go through the said bad experience I mentioned, with the staff’s arrogance serving as cherries on top.

A mere ‘pasensiya na po’ or ‘makakarating po’ would have lessened the stress and anger generated by the failed system.

From what I know, fines and a citation for traffic violations await motorists who will use the RFID lanes with insufficient balance, supposedly to avoid incidents where barriers will not open because the remaining load is not enough for the toll fee, as this would cause traffic.

What if it’s the other way around like in my case and I am certain, of many others too? I have way, way more than enough balance on my RFID card and yet, the barrier failed to go up due to their defective reader or system or whatever. I was unduly inconvenienced through no fault of mine not once, but twice, in one day.

Who punishes the operators of such defective RFIDs? Are inconvenienced motorists compensated for the repeated hassles?

Lawmakers should look into this unless they have become ‘friends’ with those running the RFID business.


A couple of customers at the Duty Free Luxe and Fiesta Mall in Paranaque would like to express their gratitude to fashion and beauty walk manager Sheila Cabanban, store manager Lory Santos, Premier Club bosses Xiao Jiwatramani and Hazel Garcia and of course to DFP-COO Vico Angala and store operations manager Monica Luffy, for the courtesy being extended to all who go there, specially Balikbayans and OFWs.

They are also extending their special thanks to Francis Benedlan, sales associate at PacSafe, for courteously assisting them last May 20, along with sales associate Jess Mae Delima and cashier Alan Gilbert Capicio.


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