Songwriter idedemanda ng kampo ni Moira

NAGBANTA ng demanda ang abogadong si Joji Alonso laban sa songwriter na si Lolito Go makaraang ibuking ng huli ang mga nalalaman niya sa hiwalayang Moira dela Torre at Jason Hernandez.

Ani Alonso sa Facebook post:

“I have been advising a celebrity client not to pursue legal action against her estranged husband, despite strong grounds against him, and instead focus on the more important issue – where a Petition is set to be filed.

“Then today, someone writes a story filled with lies and decides to make it a “pinned post”, with no intention other than discrediting and maligning said client. No matter how much I believe in forging peaceful co-existence, this is not one we will let pass.

“This someone must be sued and take accountability.”

Dedma naman si Go sa banta ng abogado.

“When someone is getting sued, it doesn’t automatically mean they’re wrong. When someone is getting sued, it doesn’t automatically mean they’re getting locked up. Anyone can sue. And I am not someone you can intimidate by legal actions. I am willing to face the music,” sabi niya.

Nitong Linggo ay nabulabog ang social media sa post ni Go laban kay Moira.


“Looks and voice can definitely deceive. This soft-spoken lady with a voice of an angel, who always seems to have a sunny disposition, and has a penchant for quoting the Bible, has a dark side unknown to many,” paglalarawan niya sa singer.

“Walang third party on Jason’s side. He never fell in love with anyone else. His only sin was he listened to the call of flesh and availed of illicit massage service because Moira couldn’t fulfill his sexual needs. And even before Jason confessed to his sin, Moira already wanted out. Dahil nakahanap na rin s’ya ng pamalit. Someone who will ‘dance in the rain’ with her and call her ‘binibini’,” depensa naman niya kay Jason.

“Jason was mocked, wrongly accused and crucified while Moira was busy washing her hands and capitalizing on their breakup by writing awkward songs that only serve her interests and twisted sense of reality,” aniya pa.