A typical way of healing

I asked my daughter to buy a mucolytic cough syrup from the drugstore yesterday and she texted me and said it was out of stock. She also learned from the sales lady that paracetamol was also running out of stock.

Due to the Covid Omicron variant surge after the holidays season many got infected and sick. Panic buying can also happen even with drugs. Good thing I have a few stocks of paracetamol when we are hit by the flu. But what can happen if the medicines we are depending on for healing will really be out for long? Can God use other means for healing?

I remember a story of a man who experienced a miraculous healing from leprosy. The story was taken from the Bible in II Kings 5. Naaman, a well trusted leader of the army of Syria was suffering from leprosy. During this time his wife had a servant girl who came from Israel.

Through this servant girl, Naaman had seen a glimpse of hope when she introduced the idea that a prophet from Israel can help him be cleansed. After arranging the best way to be connected with the prophet, Naaman received instruction from prophet Elisha through his servant to dip into the Jordan River seven times, for his healing.

Having this instruction, Naaman got angry and left because he was expecting a different way of healing for his disease. He even disdained dipping and washing into the Jordan River. At home, out of his desperation probably, he succumbed to the advice of the servant girl to reconsider. Naaman went back to the Jordan River and dipped in seven times and he was healed from leprosy! His healing brought him to realization that there is no higher God than the God of Israel.

The healing of Naaman is not the typical way of healing because the prophet facilitated a miracle of God in his life.

When facing desperation in our lives, it is hope that encourages us to survive but faith in God will carry us through in coping with life crises. Naaman got hope from his desperate leprous situation after hearing about the prophet of Israel. Although his faith is wavering, his obedience (by deeping seven times into the Jordan River) proved of his faith in God. As a result, it brought him to the real knowledge of the true God.
We may be in tough and challenging times in our lives where we experience being sick and weak. Maybe the things or people we are depending on before are now helpless to meet our needs.

What will you do then? Being hopeful makes a big difference in our mental health. More than this we must also exercise our faith and obedience to God when he allows us to be in an unexpected situation in our lives. Sometimes God heals us not in a typical way so that we can know Him and appreciate his power more. As Naaman said, “Now I know that there is no God in all the world except in Israel.” (2 Kings 5:15 a).

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