What matters most

What matters most is

..how much I surrendered to God
Each moment of my life,
Knowing that only in surrendering
Can one get the power for living.

…how balanced I view and live
Each day of my life
Knowing that living “one day at a time”
And “one life at a glance”
Can one enjoy and prepare his life.

…how to let go,
In each stressful time of my life,
Knowing that in pleasant or painful things
My God is in control of everything

…how I treat with honor and respect
Each person I meet
Knowing Jesus, my friend-One true friend
Treated me the same.

…how I become a good steward
Of each blessing God has entrusted,
Knowing that only through being a ‘channel’
And not a ‘storehouse’ will
One possesses the treasures of heaven.

…how I leave my imprint
In everything I do or say;
Knowing that I will account to Him
My works and words one day.

What matters most is the matter of my heart,
Each day of my life;
Knowing that a God-pleasing heart at the end,
Is what matters most
In the Kingdom of my Father.

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