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August 26, 2021, I forwarded to SMART telecoms a letter requesting for the return of and temporary halt to the deductions being made against my advance payment considering that I have not been able to use my Smartbro since June. Each time I turned on my pocket wifi, up until now, the words ‘NO SIM CARD’ flashes on the screen.

On several separate occasions, I went to the Smart offices in Robinson’s Manila, Mall of Asia and Cash and Carry, only to get the same flimsy excuse that since the company had a system migration, many SIM cards have not been recognized and thus suffer from the ‘No Sim Card’ syndrome.

Asked if I could have the SIM card replaced with one that is recognizable under the new system even if I have to pay for it, the uniform answer was that the new SIM cards have not arrived yet and that I am not the only one who has the same kind of unacted complaint.

Again, asked when the new SIM cards would arrive, I was told that they could not ascertain.

During my last visit to MOA, I was told I still had an advance payment of P3,900 but that what remained of the amount at the time I inquired was P3, 200. That was after a month’s billing was already deducted from my advance payment, even though there was no signal from my Smartbro.

I really do advance my payments to make sure that I get to use my Smartbro continuously, owing to the nature of my job and the number of gadgets I use everyday. I also wanted to make sure that my line does not get cut just because I forgot the due date.

However, I have literally been paying for nothing. Since May of this year, I have not been able to use my Smartbro (note: I even bought a new one at SM) due to lack of signal anywhere and everywhere I go. As in.

This was why I requested that the bills previously charged to my account -and still being charged as of this writing- be put on hold until such time that the signal of my Smartbro is back and I am able to use it again. Since May, I have been using Globe hotspot.

As can be clearly seen based on the emails that Smart itself sends me, I still have negative billing or credit, due to what is left of my advance payments from which Smart deducts monthly payments even if I do not get the service due me or commensurate to the amount being taken away from my advance payment.

In the spirit of fairness, I have asked Smart to kindly return the charges taken from my advance payments for the months I was not able to use my Smartbro and begin charging me only once my Smartbro’s signal is back which, obviously, will not be in the near future.

This request has apparently fallen on deaf ears because based on the emails I receive, Smart continues to deduct from my advance payment. Worse, once my advance payment had been used up, I might even end up owing Smart a debt because it will surely continue charging without providing the service for which they charge.

By the way, I was told by at least two customer service personnel from two different branches that I would be notified once their signal is okay and if the new SIM cards compatible to their new system have arrived but I have not received any communication so far.

I was also ‘assured’ that I could ask for a refund once their signal is back.Wow!! Only in the Philippines.


Jokjok (from Leonardo de Guzman of Antipolo City)—
Juan: Pare, anong gagawin mo dyan sa lagare?

Pedro: Ah may aayusin lang ako

Juan: Ok. Eh para saan naman ‘yang martilyo?

Pedro: Gagamitin kong pang-pukpok

Juan: Ok. Eh yang pako?

Pedro:(naiinis na) Para pangkabit sa kahoy

Juan: Eh bakit ka kumukuha ng kahoy? ‘Yan ba gagamitin mo sa gagawin mo?

Pedro: Hinde! Pampu-pukpok ko ito sa mga taong tanong nang tanong.

Juan: Ah ok, sige pare ha, may lakad pa pala ako!!

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