Pinoy food wala nga bang kwenta? Fil-Norwegian chef nilait pagkaing Filipino

KINUYOG ng mga Pinoy food critics at chefs ang Filipino-Norwegian restaurant-owner na sinabi sa isang TV show sa Norway na walang kwenta ang pagkaing-Filipino.

Sa Norwegian talk show na “4-stjerners middag,” nilait ni Jonathan Romano, sushi chef at judge sa MasterChef Norway, na “very bad” ang pagkain sa Pilipinas.

“It’s very bad food. In the eyes of a chef, there is no food art in my eyes, unfortunately. Lots of deep-fried, lots of fried-to-death stuff like casserole dishes if you can put it that way,” ani Romano. “They do not have the same taste composition as Thai food. Filipino food is more on the sour side.”

Dinepensahan naman niya kinalaunan ang Pilipinas at sinabing maganda ang mga beach dito na magugustuhan ng mga turista.

Nagpanting naman ang tenga ng mga Pinoy netizens at foodlovers sa narinig kay Romano.

Hirit ni food historian/writer/book designer Ige Ramos: “If you’re Filipino, living in an affluent, first-world country, never insult your own cuisine and culture in a foreign language on national TV. It is insensitive, offensive, and humiliating to the people you left behind.”

Nanggigil din ang Philippine Embassy sa Norway at sinabing, “Whoever says Philippine cuisine is ‘dårlig mat’ (kasamang pagkain) should definitely visit the Philippines to discover and rediscover the richness, freshness, and regional variety of Filipino food.”

“Filipino food across the country’s 7,641 islands have different flavors and colors and influenced by the Philippines’ natural resources, culture, and history. Filipino food also reflects the sharing attitude and generosity of Filipinos. You can never leave a Filipino home without being invited to share a meal,” dagdag nito.

Agad nang bumuwelta si Romano at humingi ng paumanhin sa kanyang nasabi.

“I apologize for the words that came out on my TV appearance lately. Everything came out of context and I am so sorry. I am an educated chef with long experience and was just giving my subjective opinion. Of course, I like Filipino food and would not badmouth without backing it up. I am born in the Philippines in Manila and pay my visit there over 30 times and of course, I love my country. However, I will admit that my mother can’t cook,” aniya.