Sa susunod na mga buwan, sisimulan na ng mga government offices ang pagpapatupad ng National Employment Recovery Strategy (NERS) bilang strategy upang makaahon ang ekonomiya mula sa krisis na dulot ng pandemic.

Ang mantra ng mga government agencies at mga developmental organizations “is to create jobs and more jobs”.

Ang tawag dito ay whole of government approach. Most of those jobs will involve the use of computers (mobile or fixed).

Marami rin sa mga bagong trabahong ito ay flexible work arrangement gaya halimbawa ng work from home or remote working.

New and old businesses will be using computers to work around the recurring and variating character of coronavirus disease. A major part of the economy is moving towards the digitalization of commerce, trade and business transactions– minimizing face-to-face or physical interactions.

Some aspects of traditional jobs will also be shifting to the use of mobile internet and cloud applications. The manufacturing sector, for example, is shifting part of its operations to the use of mobile phones and tablets.

Government and private organizations will be offering advanced computer literacy programs and training with the aim to retool or re-skill in manipulating modern technology to their advantage to as many as they can.

If you have difficulty using modern computer technology, you better conquer and overcome that feeling. You must open yourself up to the possibility of acquiring computer skills and learning new ways of accomplishing a task because that’s where we are moving towards.

Kung may mga opportunity for training, seminars, and workshops online grab mo na. Kailangan sa mga panahon na ito ang flexible and adaptable frame of mind if we want to cope with the pandemic.

Kaya huwag kang magpaiwan. Matutong mag multi-skill, mag retool at mag multi-task!