Marcos on Eid’l Adha: Radiate goodness, grow in wisdom, fortitude

PRESIDENT Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Monday joined the Muslim faithful in the observance of Eid’I Adha or the Feast of Sacrifice, urging Filipinos to radiate goodness to others and grow in wisdom and fortitude amid challenges.

In his message for the Eid’I Adha observance, Marcos said the occasion offers a unique opportunity to reflect on the life and tale of Ibrahim whose steadfast faith and unconditional love for Allah have become the core virtues of the Islamic faith.

“Reminiscent of how he decided to sacrifice his treasured son in obedience to God’s will, may we grow in wisdom and fortitude as we discern challenges, knowing that there is gain in surrender and the act of letting go, even of persons and things we value the most,” Marcos said.

Eid’l Adha, one of main holidays for Muslims, commemorates Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son to obey God’s command.

“As we understand the significance of this commemoration, we feel deep within ourselves that, in nurturing our relationship with others and the Almighty, we are strengthened by our past and fueled with lessons to face tomorrow with grit and resilience,” the President said.

He prays that Filipinos will have “what it takes to be courageous even at the expense of our comfort and security,” the Chief Executive added.

“Indeed, in treading the noble yet arduous path of righteousness, we will find a greater sense of purpose in uplifting the lives of others and enriching the facets that make our dreams and endeavors meaningful,” he said.

Through dependence on God and the life of prayer, the President expressed hope that Filipinos will have the “clarity of mind and kindness of heart to overcome the trials that prevent us from achieving true peace.”

He also yearned for a Bagong Pilipinas that not only knows how to work for the Filipinos’ future, “but also recognizes that they are frail and helpless without the guidance of the One from whom all wisdom and knowledge flows.”

“Let us continue to radiate goodness to those around us, confident that—with the right intention and conduct—the true, the good, and the beautiful will prosper now and in the years to come,” he added. (PNA)