What are the trends that will shape 2024?

GET ready to embrace the grandpa chic, make room for jellyfish in your life and step into the groove of 70s-inspired weddings because Pinterest has released its annual trend report, Pinterest Predicts, for 2024.

It reveals search spikes, trending topics and how its 482 million users are planning for the future. During the past four years, more than 80% of the platform’s predictions came true, so the report is your ultimate cheat sheet to what’s going to be sizzling in this year’s fashion, beauty, home décor, entertainment, travel and parenting.

Powered by cutting-edge machine learning technologies, this report is a crystal ball for consumers and advertisers alike.

Eclectic grandpa

Grandpa style (Credit: Getty Images)

Continuing with the trend of all things retro, quirky and eclectic, trendsetters are no longer afraid to get vintage clothing straight from the source.

The most popular search under this trend was “customized denim jacket”, with searches up 355%. You can also expect the terms “grandpa core” and “grandpa style” to start appearing on your timeline, according to Pinterest.

The “grandpa look”, featuring oversized sweaters, loose pants and cardigans, is expected to gain popularity among Gen Z. This trend, influenced by an internal TikTok joke “aesthetic or old man?”, proves that fashion continues to be playful and fluid concept.

Be jelly

With their gelatinous structure, jellyfish are predicted to inspire haircuts and home decorations. This unique trend reflects the innovative ways in which nature influences our aesthetic choices.

In 2024, Gen Z and millennials will take inspiration from a spineless, stinging sea creature. Searches for the “jellyfish haircut”, a bob haircut with longer layers at the bottom, are up 615%. Users are also searching for jellyfish hats, jellyfish umbrellas and jellyfish lamps.

Groovy nuptials 

’70s-inspired wedding (Credit: Getty Images)

Trends taking inspiration from past decades are nothing new. And in 2024 it’s going to be all about the ‘70s. In the realm of celebrations, wedding and bachelorette party, decorations are expected to hark back to the ’70s disco style. This revival indicates a yearning for the vibrant, carefree spirit of the ’70s.

Searches for “groovy wedding” and “groovy bachelorette party outfit” were up 170% and 110% respectively. Wedding planners were also often using the word “retro” in their Pinterest deep dives.

So, if you’re going to a ‘70s-inspired nuptials this year, put on a pair of bell bottoms and platform boots or wear a wrap dress or outfit with bold pattern.

Blue beauty

A Y2K/’60s throwback. Blue eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and nail polish will be all the rage. So, if you’re a millennial or Gen X with an old blue eyeshadow from 2001 at the bottom of your makeup drawer, it’s time to dig it out. Actually… maybe not. That was probably expired by the time Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was president.

But something both Gen Z and millennials alike can agree on is that blue is back, so take inspo from frosted eyes and bold blue liner from the 60s as you reclaim the trend for 2024.

Jellyfish haircut (Credit: deavita.net)

The global search data from September 2021 to August 2023 revealed that searches for “fun blue nails” have increased by 260% as nail art lovers use the platform to search for their next set, as well as searches for “blue eyeshadow aesthetic” rising by 65% and “aqua makeup look” by 100%.

Aquamarine makeup will be bolder and brighter than ever with Gen Z continuing to carve their own path when it comes to beauty. This may be cobalt blue gel nails, pastel blue eyeshadows or aqua mascara.

Blue makeup won’t just be an everyday experiment. Searches for blue makeup to wear to formal events, like prom and debut are also increasing.

Hot metals

Maybe it’s the Renaissance effect? But according to Pinterest, young adults will “trade in their neutrals” for bold metallics. Chrome and cool silver tones will dominate everything, from silver necklaces to mirrored nail polish. These aren’t the glittery eye shadows and distressed gold fabrics we are used to loving. Think: shiny, wet and polished.

A flash of silver, glinting gold and brushed chrome – all examples of the metallic trend that’s delivering high volume glam to nails across the globe. Whether you’re more of a straight silver shooter, into the look of melted gold, or are drawn to the look of a duo chrome finish that takes inspiration from gorgeous beetle wings, there’s no denying that metallic nails are a showstopper. Take your pick from these metal manis: blue chrome, 24K molten rivulets, autumnal metallic, mirrored sage, color-shifting metals, shiny rose gold, purple and metallic pink, liquid gold drizzle, dreamy clouds and gold stars, abstract mixed metals.

Make it big

Big hair, big jewelry and big accessories are all coming back. So, I guess get your Aqua Net out?

Or use that teaser comb: Oversized hair is back. In addition to fluffy hair, the trend includes large buns or braids. But that’s not the only thing to get super-sized. Expect to see some bold accessories. Grab some large, structural jewelry or you could get the look with oversized hoop earrings.

Achieving a glamorously full head of hair might feel downright impossible -particularly if you have fine, thin, or thinning hair – but there are a few tips and tricks you can whip out to instantly boost volume. In fact, you might be surprised at just how much volume you can create.

From strategic volume-boosting hairstyles to inventive styling products to blow-drying techniques that make hair look fuller, here are some ways to achieve instant volume: texturizing powder, volumizing mousse, glamorous ponytail, root/scalp concealer, upside-down blow dry, velcro rollers and damp and dry.

If you’re obsessed with vintage shopping or digging through heirloom jewelry boxes, chunky gold chains and big statement earrings are back in a big way. Think of your grandmother’s jewelry collection, reimagined in a modern and chic way.

The 2024 jewelry trends are exciting because they are a continuation and rejuvenation of trends we’ve seen before. If you’re a classic dresser and prefer to spend your money on high-quality timeless pieces, you’ll love sparkly diamond hoops or necklaces. If diamonds aren’t your thing, long-layered necklaces, simple pendants and jewel chokers are all in this year’s line-up. Each of these trends has seen popularity in different historical eras and it looks like they’re all ready to make an appearance in the new year. 

This trend may be influenced by Beyonce’s “Renaissance World Tour” dress code, reflecting the star’s significant influence on fashion and color trends.

Bow stacking

There aren’t many things more dainty than a bow on your clothing, shoes or hair. In 2024, millennials and Gen Z will take it a notch higher with not one, but multiple bows. Crochet a bow headband or craft a bow necklace with a scarf for a fashion-forward DIY. Remember to wear both at the same time for the stacking effect.

A resurgence in bow accessories may not come as a surprise if you follow fashion influencers on TikTok, as videos of creators using ribbons to accessorize have garnered millions of views.

The bow’s rise in popularity is probably a nod to the “coquette” aesthetic, which according to Vogue, is all about embracing soft femininity. This trend, which has also blown up on TikTok, revolves around hearts, glitter, floral prints and all things soft and girly.

Jazz aesthetic clothing

Do you have a record player in your living room? You might love this Pinterest prediction of a full-on jazz revival. Put the lights low, play a smooth jazz record, and then dress like you’re about to go to a basement bar jazz club. Start with a ribbed turtle neck under a fitted navy striped blazer and go from there.

Repurposed fabrics

Pinterest calls this trend “Give a Scrap,” which is great for vintage lovers who also like crafting. Thrifting has been popular for the last few years, but now’s the time to upgrade those vintage finds. Seek some zero-waste sewing patterns or patch a hole in your jeans to get a leg up on this trend.

In 2024, crafting will meet sustainability. Crafters are looking for ways to use up leftover scraps of wood and fabric. Searches for “small scrap wood projects DIY” are up 1,220%.

People are also looking to incorporate fabric scraps into quilts and for zero-waste sewing patterns. Pinterest also expects efforts to eliminate food waste to rise in 2024.

Head to glow

We all love a glowing face, but a glowing body will be just as important in 2024. From suncare to spa experiences, Pinners are searching for more bodycare content as the subcategories see huge growth as searches for “body skin care routine” rise a 1,025%.

Gen Z and boomers appear to be the most invested generations when it comes to bodycare, as they search for a spa-like feeling at home. Luxury lotions and self-care spa experiences will be a firm favorite. Beauty professionals can promote rest through head and hand massages, rejuvenating scrubs and luxury moisturisers, which are sure to go down a treat.

Combat sports

It’s time to push aside your Pilates regimen and spin classes. 2024 is going to be all about using combat sports as a way to relieve pent-up stress. Pinterest trends predict that martial arts are going to be all the rage.

Pinterest noted that searches for “kickboxing aesthetic” went up 265% and “mixed martial arts training” surged 200%. Jiu-jitsu also saw a 30% increase in searches.

A smash-hit activity

Pickleball may have been all the rage over the past couple of years, but some millennials and Gen Z may prefer to ditch the paddle and make a little racket. Searches for badminton bags, rackets, shoes and outfits are surging. According to Pinterest, there’s even been a rise in searches for “badminton trash talk.”

Tropical getaway

After a stressful few years, it’s no surprise that people will want to add a little bit of vacation to their day. Searches for tropical chic decor are up 110%.

Recipes with a taste of the tropics are also trending, with searches for pineapple mocktails, pineapple upside-down cake and Hawaiian sheet pan chicken on the rise.

Taking things slow

For leisure, the younger generations are predicted to favor quiet retreats over active vacations, searching for weekend getaway hotels and tranquil life. This trend suggests a growing desire for rest and relaxation in our fast-paced world.

Searches for staycations, slow life and digital detoxes were up. “Autonomous sensory meridian response sleep” is still well-loved for it’s up 165%. This focus on relaxation doesn’t mean that young adults have lost their sense of adventure, however, as “solo traveling” searches are up 145%.

Off-roading adventures

Boomer and Gen X users are searching for all things off-roading. Searches for “off-road camping” are up 90% and “overland gear” are up 110%.

Deep conversations

As it turns out, young Pinterest users aren’t a fan of small talk. In 2024, don’t be shocked if you find yourself getting into deeper discussions with your Gen Z and millennial pals.

Searches for “hot seat questions” are up 825%, “questions for couples to reconnect,” are up 480%, and “deep conversation starters” are up 185%.

Spending in style

Piggy banks aren’t just a childhood staple anymore. Searches related to piggy banks are on the rise. Searches for “credit card stickers” are also on the rise, up 140%, indicating a shift towards personal finance with a touch of style.

Western Gothic

The vintage Western American style is predicted to blend with darker, Gothic tones, leading to an increase in searches for related home decor. Western Gothic combines gloomy hues with spurs, studs, leather and fringe. This fusion creates a unique aesthetic that balances nostalgia with a modern, edgy twist.

Searches for the term “Western Gothic” are up 145%. We will mostly see people incorporate this aesthetic into their homes, with “western bedding ideas,” up 310% and “country room ideas” up 125%.

Vibrant retro kitchens

Move over minimalism. Pinterest shows that users are looking for ways to add hue and personality to their kitchens. Searches for “eclectic,” “eccentric” and “kitschy” kitchens are on the rise.

Retro kitchens with vibrant colors, second-hand items and vintage appliances are expected to replace traditional farmhouse styles.


Home coffee stations are predicted to become more popular, confirming the growing trend of at-home gourmet experiences, especially among boomers and Gen X. Searches for “coffee bar styling” are up a whopping 1,125%.

Users are also searching for “chalk sign ideas,” “cafe chalkboard” and “coffee station decor.” Perhaps coffee lovers are looking for less expensive ways to make their morning cup, while still getting that calming coffee shop experience.

Underwater gardening

Gen X and millennials are anticipated to turn to underwater gardening, creating small aquariums and turtle terrariums, reflecting an increasing fascination in unique indoor gardening pursuits. Interest in “small aquarium design” is up 245% and “fish tank theme ideas” is up 410%.

The roaring 20s

Music trends might take an unexpected turn in 2024. Searches for jazz-related terms are going up. Pinterest points at the rising popularity of “lofi” (low fidelity) music to suggest that young people may be trading in rap and pop for something a bit more calming and low-key.

Celebrating small wins

Think your child only deserves cake on their birthday? That’s so last year. Pinterest searches indicate that parents are taking time to celebrate the smaller milestones. For example, parents are looking to celebrate their baby’s first tooth or their toddlers mastering potty training or having a cupcake party because their kid finished their first book. Searches for baby-naming ceremonies and end-of-school-year parties were also up.

Melty mashups

Pinterest users are getting a little more creative with their recipes. Ever heard of pizza pot pie or gummy candy kabobs? 170% more people than usual are searching for recipes.

If you’re struggling between picking burgers or Mexican food, why not try a cheeseburger taco or a burger quesadilla? Those two terms are up 255% and 80%. Carbonara ramen is also seeing a surge of 165%.