Digong sa Simbahan: Mass gatherings itigil

UMAPELA si Pangulong Duterte sa Simbahang Katoliko na huwag munang magsagawa ng mass gathering para sa nalalapit na pista ng Itim na Nazareno.

“Maybe the priests or the bishops are listening. The government does not impose the rules now. It does not really — it does not have the character of an imposition — but rather a request from government for everybody to follow the guidelines set to prevent the widespread again of the superspreader,” ani Duterte sa kanyang public address Martes ng gabi.

Nakatakdang ipagdiwang ang pista ng Itim na Nazareno sa Quiapo, Maynila sa Linggo.

“Itong procession na ‘to it’s a very important event for the Roman Catholic Church. Now, I have to appeal to them for their understanding and to really look at it in the broader context of our liability also to the people if we do not act correctly or fail to come up with measures to protect public interest and public health,” aniya. –WC