Moreno-Lacuna-Servo win to benefit Manileños

AFTER Manila Mayor Isko Moreno filed his certificate of candidacy (CoC) to formalize his bid for the Presidency in the 2022 elections, Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna and third district Rep. Yul Servo, who is also deputy House Majority Floor Leader, also filed their CoCs to run for mayor and vice mayor respectively, of Manila.

Those who are promoting other presidential aspirants are trying to float the misconception that Moreno is abandoning Manilans by running for President.

Firstly, should Moreno make it to the highest post of the land –and it is likely he will—Malacanan Palace is just within Manila. In fact, it is just a few minutes drive from the Manila City Hall.

Secondly, he is leaving Manila in very good hands. Lacuna will definitely continue whatever Moreno had done and begun in the city and has even vowed to do more, specially when it comes to the social amelioration program which provides monthly allowances to senior citizens, students, solo parents and persons with disabilities.

In every other successful project that he had undertaken, Moreno always had Lacuna by his side. All the programs that needed the imprimatur of the Manila City Council went on smooth sailing because Lacuna readily worked on it, being the Presiding Officer of the 38-member Manila City Council.

Moreno also credits his success in handling the pandemic greatly to the medical expertise offered by Lacuna, who happens to be a doctor.

Servo sees himself following the footsteps of Lacuna and playing the role of a very supportive vice mayor who will help achieve everything that will redound to the benefit of the residents, instead of being a stumbling block.

The very amiable congressman said he knows that cooperation and harmony between the Mayor and the Vice Mayor is key to the success of any local government unit and Manila is proof of this. He can also well lend his expertise as a Congressman -he is currently serving his second term- to the position of Vice Mayor and concurrent Presiding Officer of the Manila City Council, the city’s law-making body

To date, Moreno’s term saw the construction of at least seven mass housing projects and the rehabilitation of numerous public school buildings, the Manila Zoo and the six city-owned hospitals. The Ospital ng Maynila is expected to be at par with posh private hospitals once finished.

Moreno’s term is also marked by his swift actions to address the pandemic, as Manila led the way in providing free swab tests and other hospital services not only to residents but also to non-Manilans, topped by the construction of the 344-bed capacity Manila COVID-19 Field Hospital which also services non-Manilans.

These are but a few.

Imagine a scenario where Moreno is the President, Lacuna the mayor of Manila and Servo the vice mayor. Can you imagine the windfall of benefits that would come to Manila? How is Moreno’s presidential bid an abandonment of Manilans?

We all know how having an ally in the Palace can benefit the constituents of any lucky local government official. This would be such a blessing for the residents of the premier city.

Jokjok (from Anthony Villarin of Camarines Norte)

Apo: Lola pupunta lang kami sa tipar!

Lola: Ano bang tipar ang pinagsasabi nyo?

Apo: Tipar is Party

Lola: Puro salitang kanto ang alam nyo mga PAKINSHET kayo!

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